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The Expected Release Date for the Updated version After the one added on the 23 is Febuary the 3

Please Download our Release File

Project Description
This is an Operating System that runs "On-Board" Microsoft Windows XP, and Vista. Determined to make it easier to program, use, and run professional programs on Microsoft Windows Vista, we are developing this program. Windows Vista, has had some problems lately, and this may be a very simple solution.

It is an Operating System that runs "OnBoard" Windows Vista. Meaning, you can still have Vista, and this operating system as well. Don't worry, Optimize Winframe AA is a very small program. It is hopefully going to be around 30MB or less, this way, you won't have to worry so much about Valuable Disc Space.

You will need Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.5 in-order to get the best results from this program.

This operating system, opens as fast as you could imagine. Takes only seconds. The version we are working on so far, is not so much about graphics, but more about getting it to work. It has built in Programs, meaning, you will be able to create your own programs without installing any software.

There is a built in C5 Scrip/Code compiler and reader that will allow you to run any program programmed to run on NepTune or NepTune-Li veCD and you can program your own software easily. It is somtimes aid to be even easier then Visual Basic, one of the easiest programming codes to learn and use.

The Public version NepTune in Visual Basic, will have the Compiler version 2.0 and the reader version 3.5 that will provide excelent support for most applications. We hope to intergate 3d graphics as well, however, that will require some help, and that is why we are asking of you to come along and help us. The engine script to run 3D Graphics, isn't a very easy one to build. If you help us out, you will get your real name put into the credits and be the first persons to get the Neptune VERSIONS!

Please enjoy and please help us out we can use any help we get

Please check out our Discussions. We use this to comunicate the most. We value your odownloads and info, so please, if you do veiw this, just take that 30 seconds to download, run, and test our exe or get the entire ZIP folder for Visual Studio 2008. We beg of you to get involved after the downlload, and tell us what you think of it, and please submit any errors or anything to our discussions.

Our Source Code Is Under Source Code>Patches
This can be found at the top left corner below the Source Code Tab. We have yet to figure out the Source code, so we are using the patches feature.

Please Download our Release Files

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