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3D Engine also known as C3D, is haveing some issuse. All issuse, tasks, features, etc. will go under this one Issuse. The issuse should be commented, and this 3D Engine is going to need some people!
Below, is the partially done code. There still needs to be a Multries code, and then we will just perfect it and be DONE! Well, not quiet, but enough to make a simple one, that can't save or open, which will also need to be added.
This in C5 Script, and saved as a .txt file.

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We have everything figured out now! the basic 3D Engine has finally come to us!


NET wrote Jan 23, 2008 at 11:35 PM

Here is the fle without multries included, but everthing else. I'm still waiting for the others to get Multries enabled easily with the code before I Do That, because then we will be able to call this one fixed soon.

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